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Affordable Digital Marketing Services

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It can be difficult for small businesses to know where to start their digital marketing, especially when they have a smaller budget and lack the necessary knowledge. At Serixx, we provide affordable digital marketing services to help small businesses kick off their digital marketing efforts and improve their sales. Our company specializes in providing affordable and effective digital marketing services that are tailored specifically to small businesses.

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Challenges Faced By Small Businesses


Limited Budget

Digital marketing strategies can involve various tools and services, putting them out of reach for businesses with tight budgets.


Unclear ROI

Measuring the return on investment for digital marketing efforts can be tricky, making it difficult to justify the expense and secure buy-in.


Lack of In-House Expertise

Small businesses may not have dedicated marketing teams or staff with digital marketing skills, leading to confusion and ineffective campaigns.


Competing Priorities

Running a small business involves juggling numerous tasks, leaving little time for managing complex digital marketing campaigns.


Information Overload

The fast-paced digital marketing landscape can feel overwhelming, with constant updates and evolving trends making it hard to stay up-to-date.


Limited Human Resources

With smaller teams, it can be challenging to dedicate personnel solely to digital marketing, leading to inconsistencies and delays.

Here's How We Stand Out



Tailored solutions within your budget.



Proven strategies that drive real results, regardless of your spend.



No one-size-fits-all packages. We listen and cater to your specific needs.



No lengthy grant application process and focus on your business.



Over 20 years of experience working with small businesses.

Hassle Free & Affordable Digital Marketing Services

Our Digital Marketing Services Drives Results, Without Breaking the Bank

We understand the unique challenges small businesses face in Singapore. Budgets are tight, time is precious, and navigating the complexities of digital marketing can feel overwhelming.

We offer personalized digital marketing solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget. Unlike standard packages from most digital marketing agencies, we listen to you, understand your goals, and then curate a customized strategy that delivers impactful results, even with limited resources.

While Singapore offers the benefit of PSG Grant-supported digital marketing solutions, navigating the application process and upfront fees can be a hurdle for busy small businesses. We offer an alternative, providing significantly more affordable solutions that deliver impactful results without the hassle and wait. You can focus on what you do best - running your business - while we get you the online visibility and leads you deserve.

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