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Google Ads Are Cheaper, For Now

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Google Ads Board
Google Ads Board

Covid-19 pandemic impacted our economy, our everyday lives and even the way individuals click on Google Ads. Since the beginning of March 2020, Google Search Ads clicks began to slow down by 7% and conversion rates from these click ads dropped by an average of 21% (statistics from WordStream). Although 7 industries see an increase in volume/performance, and Beauty and Personal Care is one of them.

It is better for Beauty and Personal Care

At Serixx, we are looking at the historical performance vs the forecast performance for some of the keywords relating to the hair, beauty and spa industry in Singapore. We found 7 out of 10 keywords see lower cost in forecast and higher performance (Click Thru Rate). With keywords like ‘Hair Loss Treatment’ having a lower average cost by 334% and ‘Manicure’ by 171.5%.

With the lower cost and higher conversion rate, perhaps it is a good time to adopt Google Search Ads when business resumes on 2nd June. Looking at the past Google Search Ads, salon and spa businesses already actively partaking in Google Search Ads will definitely exploit this for their recovery.


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