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Google Search Ad With A Small Budget

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Google logo on building
Google logo on building

When it comes to running a Google Search Ad for small businesses, the main concern is the budget. I have to admit running a Google ad doesn't come cheap, especially if you have no experience. I had created a very simple list on how to run a more effective Google Search Ad with a smaller budget.

1) Use Long-Tail Keywords Long-tail keywords are very specific keyword phrases instead of a broad one or two words keywords. For example A regular keyword is "Hair salon". A long-tail keyword is "Orchard road hair colour promo". Most of the searches comes from long-tail queries, hence focus your keywords on these instead of the short keywords which may bring irrelevant clicks draining your funds.

2) Use Ad Extensions A commonly ignored feature in Google Ads is the ad extension. You can include a range of ad extensions like location extension, call extension, sitelink extension, callout extension and others. Adding extension is proven to get higher CTRs (Click Through Rates). Simple examples here: if you add the call extension, people can call you directly by clicking on it to make a reservation or find out about your business. Including callout extension allows the audience to see your promotions and discounts. If you add a location extension, people may search your address on Google Map or walk directly to your location without clicking your ad!

Google SERP
Google SERP

3) Build Up A High Quality Score

Quality score is the key if you wish to run an effective ad using a smaller budget. Higher quality score means better ad position, lower CPC (Cost Per Click). Few things to work on to get a higher quality score are: - Relevancy of keywords in each ad group. - Relevancy of landing page and page quality - Relevancy of text in ad to keywords and landing page. 4) Use Correct Keyword Matching The type of keyword matching are broad match, phrase match, and exact match. Use broad match cautiously as it may invite irrelevant clicks wasting your budget. For example if you have the keyword "shirt" for broad match, audiences who search "jeans" or "pants" can see your ad. Modify your keywords with phrase and exact match to fine tune your set of keywords.

5) Use Negative Keywords Include negative keywords that may waste your budget. For example if your business is providing services and do not provide free trials, samples, include "free", "trial", "samples" as negative keywords.

Extra Tip: Should I include my business name as a keyword? Since people are already searching for my business name, they are definitely looking for my business. Why should I add it as a keyword? My suggestion is go search for your business name and perform a check. Your competitor may be targeting your business name as their keyword. Raise your competitors bid by including your business name as one of the keywords. Your quality score is likely to be higher, in better position and delivers higher CTR than them.


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