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Why Hair Salons in Singapore Should Invest in Google Search Ads & How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Hair salon businesses in Singapore have been dedicating their efforts to effectively manage their social media accounts, reaping opportunities and attracting new clients over time. However, a Google search for these salons reveals a stark contrast to their active presence on social media.

Hair salons are hardly showcasing themselves as they do on platforms like Social Media. The majority of their websites lack proper optimization for search engines (SEO), and they seem to be neglecting investments in Google search Ads (also commonly known as PPC ads and SEM).

Google Search Ads For Hair Salon

There are a few hair salons in Singapore ventured into running Search Ads, however most have yet to grasp the right approach. In this article, our focus will be on elucidating the reasons why hair salons should invest in Google Search Ads, discussing common issues, and providing guidance on optimizing Google Search Ads effectively.


Benefits of Hair Salons Running Google Search Ads

Benefits of Hair Salons Running Google Search Ads
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People Who Search on Google Has Higher Intention to Purchase

When potential customers turn to Google to search for hair salons, they exhibit a strong intention to make a purchase decision. Google Search Ads enable you to tap into this intent-driven audience by showcasing your salon at the top of relevant search results. This means that your salon will be prominently displayed to users actively seeking hair services. This level of intent is a strong indicator of potential conversions, making Google Search Ads a powerful tool to connect with individuals who are ready to book an appointment.

Stand Out Amidst Competitors

Surprisingly, many hair salons in Singapore have yet to fully harness the potential of Google marketing, particularly through Search Ads. By investing in Google Search Ads, your salon gains a competitive edge by being one of the select establishments to appear at the top of search results. This strategic positioning not only distinguishes your salon from the competition but also ensures that your services are readily visible to potential customers seeking hair treatments. With fewer competitors in this space, you can effectively capture the attention of those actively looking for salon services.

Direct Booking Opportunities with Effective CTAs

Google Search Ads allow you to include specific and compelling Call-to-Action (CTA) messages in your ads. These CTAs can encourage users to take immediate action, such as booking an appointment, contact via Whatsapp or visiting your salon's website. This direct and streamlined approach eliminates unnecessary steps, increasing the likelihood of turning clicks into bookings.

Investing in Google Search Ads offers hair salons the means to connect with potential clients who are genuinely interested in their services. The combination of high purchase intent, limited competition, and strategically placed CTAs positions Google Search Ads as a valuable tool for driving appointments and ultimately growing your salon's customer base.


Common Mistakes Salon Businesses Make with Their Google Search Ads

Common Mistakes Salon Businesses Make with Their Google Search Ads
Image by JComp

Using the Website’s Homepage or Generic Webpage as the Landing Page

Google Ads landing page should have a dedicated landing page providing the precise information, like a hair colour promotion, a seasonal discount for services or introduction of a new treatment. Using your homepage as the landing page for a Google search ad can present certain issues, including affecting your Google Ads Quality Score leading to higher cost. While it's not necessarily wrong in all cases, it might not provide the best user experience and could potentially impact the effectiveness of your ad campaign. Create a unique and optimized landing page for your Google Search Ad.

Not Optimizing the Google Search Ads Title & Description

An unplanned and non-optimized Google Search Ads title and description can lead to several issues that hinder the effectiveness of your ad campaign. Firstly, an unoptimized title might fail to capture the user's attention and convey the main message of your ad, resulting in lower click-through rates. Similarly, a poorly written description could fail to highlight the value proposition or call-to-action, leading to a lack of user engagement.

Moreover, non-optimized ad title and description might not align with the user's search intent, causing your ad to appear irrelevant and decreasing its chances of being clicked. This could negatively impact your Quality Score, leading to higher costs per click and lower ad positions. Inconsistent messaging between the ad and the landing page can lead to confusion and a higher bounce rate if users don't find what they expect on the landing page. Make your Google Search Ads title and descriptions are concise, engaging, and relevant to the user's search intent.

No Call To Action (CTA) on Landing Page

Neglecting to incorporate a clear and compelling Call to Action (CTA) on your landing page can result in missed opportunities and lackluster conversion rates. Without a well-defined CTA, visitors may be unsure about the next steps they should take, leading to a higher bounce rate and diminished engagement. A strong CTA guides visitors toward the desired action, whether it's making a purchase, filling out a form, or contacting your business. By including a CTA that is relevant, enticing, and prominently placed, you can effectively guide your visitors and increase the likelihood of conversions. Remember, a strategic CTA is a vital component in driving desired user actions and maximizing the potential of your Google search ads campaign.

Include a CTA in your landing page, such as contact form or Whatsapp chat button to your landing page. It is a common practice to include more than 1 CTA in your landing page.


In the bustling hair salons industry in Singapore, a strategic move to harness the power of Google advertising can spell the difference between flourishing and faltering. The potential lies in capturing customers who are actively seeking services, ready to make a purchase. Yet, mistakes are not uncommon.

By steering clear of these mistakes and optimizing your Google search ad campaigns, hair salons can secure a higher ad ranking above competitors and gain an edge at a lower cost. Success follows businesses who navigate this digital terrain with a clear strategy and a commitment to avoiding common mistakes, ultimately reaping the rewards and be ahead of the competitors.


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