SMEs Go Digital - Pre-Approved Digital Solution (PSG Grant)

Receive up to 80% funding support
(70% after December 2020)


Managing Your Salon Business With You

Shortcuts used in 14,000 salons and 45 countries worldwide

Shortcuts Fusion Software
For Hair, Beauty & Spa

Create service packages for your clients and you’ll find there’s no better way to secure your revenue and keep them coming back visit after visit

Appointment Book

Manage your day and navigate future salon appointments with your stylish touch-screen appointment book

Point of Sale

Keep your front desk moving with your smart cash register that optimises retail sales

Products Management

Manage your stocks and never lose track of your products movement

Client Management

Deliver better service with detailed client history records

Online Features Add-on

Online Booking

Offer your clients the convenience of online booking 24/7, 365 days per year

Client Feedback

Find out how your clients really feel before they voice it online​

Online Marketing

Stay connected with single or automated email campaign

Cloud Appointment Book

Take your business mobile with the beautifully-designed Cloud Appointment Book



Is it possible to promote your salon business without lifting a finger? Yes, actually, it is! we help to setup email marketing campaigns once and they will automatically deliver personalized communications throughout the year.



Digital marketing is taking over the traditional marketing channels as the internet has enabled businesses to interact with targeted audiences in real time. It also allows small businesses to compete with big companies on a smaller advertising budget. While some salon businesses are already thriving using digital marketing, some are just only starting to.

Find out how you can grow your salon business with our digital marketing services.



A website is a necessity for both big and small businesses. Without a website, it disconnects your business from the millions of consumers online.

Find out how you can have an efficient website for your salon business within your budget or get someone to manage your website for you. 

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